Bienneal for Land Art Andorra

Installation: 12 bedruckte Fahnen
Standort: Lake Engolasters, Biennale für LAND ART ANDORRA 2021

Zum Vergrößern in das Bild klicken

The artist takes leaves from nature, dries, preserves and works them with acrylic, yarn and glass beads. Particularly inspiring are leaves eaten away by snails, caterpillars and beetles, which become geological formations, a landscape and a legible map. When a leaf breaks in a thin place, it is sewn back together, similar to a surgical operation. Then Andorrer takes the BLATTSCAPES, like friends, on hikes and portrays them against changing scenery. By photographing the delicate artworks in the landscape, she documents how they relate to the light, weather, and surroundings. Aspects of the cinematic, being in nature and mindfulness become part of the work. With the exhibition of the GALLERY OF TRAVELING LEAVES in the landscape, a double relocalization takes place: landscape in the landscape, or microcosm in the macrocosm.

It’s not uncommon for the threads that stretch across the leaf, crossing and branching, to resemble the roads and paths of a map. Often the leaves have holes that are outlined with red paint and then look like wounds.

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